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  1. Dear sir/Madam
    I am Nazila Shojaeian PhD student of clinical and health psychology in Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona. I am working on a research program which is related to theory of mind in a group of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Down syndrome and normally developed children.
    In fact I am studying the effects of culture on theory of mind in these three group of children. It is a transcultural study and I thinks it is very valuable research, I decided to expand my study in three countries: Iran, Sweden and Spain, and to compare these results.
    For the first year I collected my samples in Iran and took my data and with noticeable result from my research which leads to prepare a paper to be published in a scientific journal, and for the second year I want to work on Swedish individuals and finally for last year I will work in Spain.
    I want to administrate standard tests like Raven (IQ test), new theory of mind test for measuring their level of theory of mind (which completely suits children expectations as an entertainment) and behaviour questionnaires. The overall time for each assessment is between 45 and 60 minutes depending on the age and condition of each child.
    I will appreciate if I could have the honour to cooperate with such a great place and experts like you and related organizations in terms of preparing the individuals and collaborate in any aspects which can be helpful for children with these conditions by accomplishing this research.
    For this research I desire to access at least 25 individuals (per condition) with Autism, Down syndrome and normally developed children. The children can come from different organisations and I appreciate the help even if you could provide just one single case or the entire groups.
    At the end I want to ensure you and emphasize that all the personal information of individuals are counting as very important data to be confidential and safe, and all of them will be seriously secure (all the individuals will be coded to identify) from the outside.
    I feel very grateful for your cooperation in this research. In addition to, if it is necessary for any permission from my professor, she can send you immediately.

    Sincerely yours

    Nazila shojaeian

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